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Whether you’re coursing through the ocean’s waves or calmly floating on the waters on your kiteboard, there is hardly a better way to enjoy nature in its purest form than surfing. Asides the recreational value, there are numerous health benefits too. You could achieve cardiovascular fitness, build shoulder and back strength and relieve stress through surfing. Indeed, it’s the complete recreational and fitness package. So, the next time you are thinking about a vacation on the Island, you’ll be doing yourself a lot of good by including surfing in your itinerary. But there appears to be a problem, you do not know how to surf. Pro Surfing is here to get this hindrance out of your way. You can learn how to surf amidst the relentless surges of the magnificent oceans on the Canary Islands.





You can plan a complete vacation to live the best surfing experience. Come with your partner, or several friends and enjoy the waves and fun of our island. We have an exclusive fully equipped apartment located in the best area of Playa del Inglés just 50 m from one of the best beaches to ride on the waves and 150 m from the epicenter of nightlife.

  • star rating  What an amazing experience! I just booked a one day surf lesson and left wanting more despite the achey muscles. Everyone was really friendly, encouraging, informative and most of all... read more

    Thomas L
    September 1, 2021
  • star rating  Today we went for a beginners couple surf experience. It was incredible! All the members of staff were incredibly helpful, friendly, funny and most importantly they cared about your experience... read more

    Katie C
    September 1, 2021




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