KITESURF Semiprivate 

The semi-private course entails a maximum of two students per IKO certified instructor. This course even gets more personalized as the group is made even smaller. It is ideal for a vacation with your partner or friend. You’ll have even more kite-time to yourself and the instructor would be with you at every step of the way. The class will be intensive, ideal for those who are eager to learn! If your goal is to learn as quickly as possible with the highest value for money, this is your ideal class!

What's included?

• Kite lessons begin at 10:00 am every day subjet to wind conditions for your kite day activity. • Free area transfer between Bahía Feliz and Meloneras. Rest of the South to Mogán increase of €15 per reservation to be paid on the day of the activity.
• Full Kitesurf materials
• Energy bar & Mineral water
• Full Insurance
• Official IKO certified instructors
• Theory lessons
• Each pair of students share one kite in the air to ensure safety and facilitate a structured learning methodology.

What you should bring

• Towel • Sun protection* • Dry clothes • And a big smile! * Sun protection is available for purchase at the school


The price structures have been carefully designed to ensure affordability and convenience. The price of the semi-private lesson is €180,00 per person. If you book online, the price will be €125.00 per person. You can be sure you are getting the best value for your money. You may register for the course in person at the school or book your tickets online. Booking online is much more convenient and even cheaper.
For the enthusiastic persons, we offer a customized course where you can achieve a certified IKO Level in Kitesurfing! *On Sundays they may be subject to change


125,00 €- 2 hours duration
For enthusiastic people, we offer a personalized course where you can reach an IKO certified level in kitesurfing!

Level 1

235,00 €- 4 hours duration

Level 1 and 2

345,00- 6 hours duration

The IKO Member Card can be used worldwide on every IKO Certified Schools, available at the Pro Surfing Company shop.
Duration: Semi-private Discover Kitesurf: 2 hours / Level 1: 4 hours / Level 1 and 2: 6 hours (excluding transportation and preparation).