*Course Choices:*

When seeking a quicker path to mastering kitesurfing on an individual basis, our private course is an ideal option. For those joining group courses, a minimum of 3 participants is required to form a group. Alternatively, our semi-private courses involve 2 students.

*Safety and Progress:*

Safety remains paramount; hence, we commence with one kite in the air, shared among group members. This approach, while ensuring safety, does extend the time required to complete Level 1. Please keep in mind that your previous experience and the number of participants in the course are variables that influence its duration.

*Course Duration Examples:*

- Group Course | Total Duration: 6 hours (2 hours per day) | Completion: 3 days

- Semi-Private Course | Total Duration: 4 hours (2 hours per day) | Completion: 2 days

- Private Course | Total Duration: 2 hours | Completion: 1 day

*Kitesurfing Programs*

*Level 1: Land Class*

This foundational level equips you to master the kite and safely transition to water. You'll become adept at preparing the equipment, assessing practice zones, and achieving perfect kite control through a series of exercises. These exercises build the necessary foundation for confident water entry in subsequent levels.

- Understanding wind theory and beach suitability.

- Mastery of the security system.

- Kite setup and stowing.

- Defining and determining the flight area.

- Kite control within the wind window.

- Assisted kite launch and landing.

- Handling larger kites.

- Refining kite control.

- One-handed kite control in both directions.

- Walking with the kite, using one hand.

- Walking with the kite using one hand, while managing the kite and board with the other.

*Course Duration:* This varies based on individual progress but typically spans 2 to 3 hours for private sessions.

*Level 2: Water Class*

In this stage, you'll enter the water to practice Body Dragging, propelled by kite force. These exercises enhance water maneuverability and directional control. Key goals encompass generating power with kite movements, effective movement with one-handed kite control, board retrieval and water kite launches.

- Water movement with the kite.

- Identifying safe water practice areas.

- Mastery of body dragging.

- Kite launch from the water.

- Kite control during body dragging.

- Beach-to-water and water-to-beach kite navigation.

- Self-rescue techniques.

- Steady pull: Kiteboard strapping while maintaining one-handed kite control.

- Water start: Initiating board ascent and sailing initiation.

*Course Duration:* This varies based on individual progress but generally ranges from 2 to 4 hours for private sessions.

*Final Note:*

We trust this comprehensive overview provides a clearer understanding of our kitesurfing courses. It's worth noting that we are recognized as an IKO (International Kiteboarding Organization) school. Upon completion of any course, you will receive an international kitesurfing card marking your attained level. This card allows you to continue your training at another IKO center or facilitates equipment rental by presenting your IKO card.

Your kitesurfing journey with us is backed by international recognition and your own documented progress.

Feel free to reach out if you have any further queries or require additional information.